Sesame Salt [Gomasio]

Sesame Seeds + Salt = a Condiment for All Seasons

gomasio-2of3I think I use sesame-salt more than plain salt for a final seasoning. The taste boosts the comfort factor many times.

Make in just a matter of minutes—you only need raw sesame seeds, sea salt, and a skillet to dry roast.

This is standard fare in Japanese meals. In addition, sesame seeds are versatile and found in many world cuisines; like tahini paste, sesame desserts and so much more.

I add it most anywhere I add just plain salt. It will season with a very agreeable nutty flavor. Cooked rice blooms with satisfaction. Salads glow—steamed veggies with a spritz of vinegar and a dash of sesame-salt are amazing. You also need less salt to embed a satisfying flavor profile.

There is flexibility in its proportions. In winter add more salt, I use 12 parts sesame to 1 part salt. In summer, enjoy a lighter version at 20 parts sesame to 1 part salt.


gomasio-1of3Locate raw sesame seeds in most supermarkets and international store outlets. Add any sea salt of your preference. For the winter version: measure out 4 TBS. sesame seeds and 1 tsp. sea salt and add both to a preheated, dry skillet. The seeds should begin to brown immediately and may begin to pop. Be continuous in stirring with a flat spatula for only a few minutes and when the sesame turns fragrant and golden, you’re done. Empty onto a plate to cool.

TO GRIND: Pre-grind or Grind on Demand

I use a pestle and mortar (also known as a suribachi in Japan seen in top photo). You grind until most of the seeds are ground. Store in a sealed container. I use a jar with a sprinkle lid to shake right over your dish. If you have a spare pepper mill, the best have ceramic grinders that won’t clog with sesame oil, you can put the blend into it whole and then grind onto your dish.  >>>> Grinder with ceramic mechanism


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