Winter Greens Japanese Style

Using an Instant Stock Tames Collards In A Blink

For centuries the Japanese flavor their stocks with delicious (umami) ingredients turning soups, stews, and braises into nuanced flavor. It’s to die for!

I love to make these stocks from scratch, known as dashi, and they are so much easier than meat-based stocks. Now there is a quicker fix: dashi granules make a richer dish with a just a shake. [Find at Asian markets].

Instant Dashi Stock

After a couple of decades of my trying to coax a mild, flavorful pot of greens using all kinds of work-arounds, I accidentally used some leftover dashi stock and pressure cooked the collards. Voilá, how greatly transformed! Melt-in-your-mouth tender and flavorful collards done in under 10 minutes cook time!

INGREDIENTS: Also consider kale and mustard greens

  • collards- 1 bunch, stemmed, 1/2″ ribbons
  • dashi granules- 1 tsp.
  • water- 2 cups
  • rice vinegar- a splash
  • sesame seeds*- a sprinkle


  1. Grab a collard stem at the tip and using your other hand, pull off the leaf from the stem by making a circle with your thumb and forefinger and running them up the stalk. The leaf should easily zip off from the stem. Next, take 2 or three and stack then and roll into a tube. Slice into 1/2-inch ribbons.
  2. Put dashi granules and water into a pressure cooker along with the collards. Lock down and bring to pressure for 8-9 minutes. Then quick release.
  3. Garnish with rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds.*

*To toast sesame seeds: In a pre-heated dry skillet, brown sesame seeds while continuously stirring until fragrant- just a few minutes. Do not leave unattended. Store in the fridge and use as a condiment on just about anything.




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