Fermented Vegetable Tonics

Drink your fermented veggies with a simple fermenting technique


Fermenting Veggies with Air Lock Kits

Pickling with microbes is easy-peasy!

Sauerkraut Basics

Make sauerkraut in your own kitchen without a scent of fermentation. 

Kimchi Basics

Kimchi is easy and fun to make using my wet method of fermenting

Dill Asparagus

When you ferment asparagus you get to enjoy it in a raw, crunchy taste delight

Morrocan Carrots

  The sun still shines with these bright pickles—romanced with orange and cinnamon. I converted the traditional North African recipe into a lacto-fermented version with beautiful results. You find this piquant pickle glowing among bountiful dishes at Moroccan banquets.   – Recipe by Bill Hettig 2013         Moroccan Carrots with Orange & Cinnamon…

Pickled Fries

When pigs can fly…yes you can pickle French fries!

Asian Pear Slaw

Use cleaned and pre-cut slaw mix to speed-prep this exotic, crunchy fermented salad. Discover how fruits can mate with veggies to make a sweet and sour salad loaded with fresh enzymes, probiotic bacteria, and deliciousness. Punch it up with a little ginger, and star anise and discover Asian inspired flavors in this pickled slaw. Grab…