Stir Fry Sauces

Make these sauces from your own pantry. Most of them have only 3 or 4 common Asian ingredients.


This outline is the basis for a Zoom class Bill is presenting in November on creating deeply flavored, multi-textured stews. The Key Structure of Stew Veggie Stew Base Mirepoix- carrots, celery, onions Holy Trinity-celery, onions, bell pepper Sofrito – [garlic, onions, peppers and culantro] Alliums- onions, garlic, shallots, leeks Veggie Main Ingredients Root veggies In-season…

Almond Macaroons

I’ve had testimony that this is the best cookie on the planet!

Worm Composting Lodge

Here is the link from O-Town Compost for the complete story on creating a simple in-garden worm lodge.

Beach Potato Salad

Master Chef’s Non-Refrigerated Classic James Beard, the heralded cook & author, wrote affectionately of this recipe his mother made for their trips to the beach. Research shows it to be over 140 years old. I’ve been making it for twenty years now! This potato salad contains no egg or dairy; it’s safe to serve at…

Coco Alfredo Sauce

Try This New Dairyless Alfredo Sauce It’s A Creamy Everyday Sauce Vibrating With Lime Every so often you come across a mock sauce that becomes a star unto itself. You’ll love the versatility of Coco Alfredo Sauce to poach light proteins, like seafood and soy food; like tofu or tempeh. Then toss in cooked pasta…