Stir Fry Sauces

Make these sauces from your own pantry. Most of them have only 3 or 4 common Asian ingredients.

Lemon Walnut Cookies

four ingredients makes for a divine cookie

Green Papaya Salad

Southeast Asians Love Unripened Papaya Salad. Try This Vegan Version. INGREDIENTS:  garlic- 1 large salt- 1⁄4 tsp  peanuts- 1 TBS chilies- sliced  sugar- 1 ⁄2 tsp  lime juice- 2 TBS  Worcestershire- 1 TBS +  grape tomatoes-  8, coarsely chopped  carrots, cooked green beans, jicama, or daikon -1/2 pound, julienne strips papaya, green- 1 small, thin…

Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Bowl Charts New Direction Food bowls are all the rage. Why not reimagine the breakfast bowl. Oats are core and maybe you have yet to try the steel cut variety. They offer a chewy texture and are easy to prepare. They hang well in the fridge for second and thirds later in the week….

Fruit Crisp

Baked Fruit Under a Crunchy Topping – It’s a Winner Takes All Dessert! Crisps of fruit, nuts, and oats, are a simple tradition and a great finish to the meal. Over the years I have made countless combinations of fruits and nuts to highlight the season or when there’s an abundance of fruit on hand….

Fruit Showboats with Pastry Cream

Glorify Fresh Fruit with Easy Pastry Cream Pastry cream is a French base for making fruit tarts. Unlike whipped cream it is a thickened pudding that will hold up so you can prepare ahead and keep refrigerated to just before serving. It is a beautiful act to slice fruit showboats in front of your guests….