Ahi Tuna & Avocado

Move Over Avocado Toast!

It’s a Powerhouse Appetizer or Main Course Rice Bowl

Just a Few Ingredients for a Five Star Dish

This is esteemed cuisine. With a flash sauté and a Japanese condiment, we are off to the cosmos in a bite! There are only a few ingredients to marry texture, flavor, and deep umami into delectable bites.

INGREDIENTS: Quality matters! Fresh tuna is better than frozen

  • Tuna, Sushi grade Ahi – [about 1/4 pound per diner]
  • salt – a few pinches
  • olive oil – Extra virgin
  • ponzu sauce – drizzle
  • avocados – peeled and 3/8 inch thick slices
  • sesame seeds – toasted, for garnish


It’s like Japanese Worcestershire!
  1. Slice tuna into sizes like a deck of cards
  2. Barely salt the tuna on all sides; let rest for 15 minutes, [helps remove any fishy odors]
  3. Pre-heat a skillet and film with oil, then sauté tuna chunks on all 6 sides, very briefly—45 to 60 seconds—until a 1/16 inch of cooked edging appears
  4. Use a very sharp knife and slice tuna across the grain into 3/8 inch slices; [try to cut in one sweeping direction and using gentle pressure to minimize tearing]
  5. Slice avocados into 3/8 inch slices, then cut about the same dimensions as the tuna
  6. Combine equal amounts of good olive oil and ponzu sauce
  7. Toast sesame seeds in a dry, heated skillet until lightly browned and aromatic
  8. Arrange the tuna and avocado and spoon over with the sauce. Sometimes you can interweave the tuna and the avocado to make a stunning carousel for a special presentation
  9. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve. I like to serve it family style with everyone getting chop sticks and communally enjoying.

AS A RICE BOWL: Display over bowls of rice with extra olive oil-ponzu to season the rice

With Hash Browns & Mushrooms, Freshly Picked Radishes

Dave & Yuan Sharing

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