Cider Whiskey Puddin

Brown Butter Blooms This Dessert

During these covid times I’ve been toying with my recipes while digging into the pantry to create desserts only a roving mind can summon!

For Cider Whiskey Puddin I combine the nuttiness of brown butter with apple cider, and whiskey to triangulate one surprise of a puddin. This recipe idea came in a dream: it was spot on with the first taste!

INGREDIENTS: Milk options: Choose creamy versions of oat milk, e.g. – Chobani’s Plain Extra Creamy or Costco’s Kirkland brand. Thin milk substitutes, like rice or almond milk aren’t as satisfying

  • If you have time, cooking down the apple cider will yield a deeper flavor. Well worth the time. Simmer 3 cups of cider until reduced by half.

butter – 2 TBS, browned

apple cider – 1 1/2 cups or apple juice

oat milk – 1/2 cup, or half n half, or cream

tapioca flour – 3 TBS, or corn starch

brown sugar – 2 TBS 

apple cider vinegar – 1 1/2 TBS

allspice – 1/8 tsp, or cinnamon, cardamom, or other sweet spice

agar – 1/2 tsp or gelatin

salt – 1/8 tsp


whiskey – 3 TBS. or bourbon



diced cheddar

diced apple, and walnuts

Greek style yogurt and walnuts


In a medium pot, heat the butter on medium-low, stirring occasionally until the solids begin to brown; a few minutes. Don’t wander from the task, butter can burn near the end.

Meanwhile, combine the juice and milk in a bowl and while whisking, add in the remaining ingredients, except the whiskey.

When the butter is browned, allow to cool.

Add bowl ingredients to the butter while whisking. Bring to a simmer over medium-low heat; a few minutes. Simmer for about one minute.

Off heat add in the whiskey [or if you want to cook out the alcohol add in the whiskey along with the other ingredients.

Pour the puddin into a serving bowl or individual dishes. Allow to come to room temperature, then cool for a few hours in the fridge

with Greek Yogurt, diced Granny Smith, walnuts

Recipe by B. Hettig. ©2021

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