Welsh Rarebit

Melted Cheddar + Beer + Mustard on Toast – a Classic!

The world of cheese throws a beam of light on this classic dish. Welsh rarebit is not necessarily Welsh and rarebit is a mispronunciation of rabbit—which has none in it. Go figure! Yet, I grew up with this dish that my sibs and I thought more of like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Welsh rarebit is spooned over buttered toast and then broiled to brown the cheese into umami bombs.

A Pot o’ Cheddar Thinned with Beer


  • cheddar cheese – 8 oz, small dice or shredded
  • beer – 1/3 cup
  • mustard – 1 tsp
  • hot pepper flakes – to taste [optional, or hot sauce]
  • bread, hearty style – sliced
  • butter


  1. In a small pot combine the cheddar, beer, mustard, and pepper flakes and on low heat begin to melt and stir using a whisk
  2. When melted continue to stir to incorporate the beer
  3. Butter the bread and toast it on a light setting
  4. Spoon on the rarebit over the toast and turn broiler on and broil for a few minutes, until cheese is well browned
  5. Serve with soup or stew

ALTERATIVE SERVING: Meld the ingredients in a fondue pot with cubes of toast and serve along with dill pickles and beer

Served with Green Papaya Salad
Welsh Rarebit Spread onto Sautéed Eggplant, the Broiled. Served with Red Quinoa and Air Fried Cauliflower

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