Tomato Feta Soup

Greece’s Perfection on Tomato Soup

I found the perfect tomato soup after almost 70 years. I better explain…

I love cream of tomato soup. It’s my childhood poster child for soup—especially along with PB&J sandwiches. I even created this Tomato Peanut Butter soup from another childhood memory.

I was shopping at an IKEA store and decided to have one of their cafeteria-style lunches. I ladled a cup of the day’s soup and wham! I couldn’t believe I had never tasted this flavor combo before.

IKEA Tomato Feta Soup on My Tray

It’s feta cheese that perfects a balance with the tomatoes. The oregano is the triangulation of flavor that transports this soup.

Since there are only a few items, quality is essential. I found San Marzano whole tomatoes in juice [not pureed or in a sauce] finally got me to perfection.

INGREDIENTS: Avoid pre-crumbled feta cheese. Go big on this; find real Greek sheep’s whole block cheese. I source at Costco and Trader Joe’s.

Serves 4-6

  • olive oil – 1/4 cup, extra virgin is best
  • onion – 1 medium, small dice
  • garlic – 1 large clove, minced
  • tomatoes – 28 oz, whole tomatoes packed in water
  • chicken stock – 2 + cups, or vegetable stock
  • salt – 1 tsp
  • pepper – 1/4 tsp
  • oregano – 1 TBS fresh [or 1 tsp dried]
  • feta – 4 oz, Greek sheep’s feta, block style
Cutting Up Tomatoes with Scissors


  1. Sauté the onion and garlic in olive oil until just taking on color; about 5-8 minutes
  2. Add the tomatoes and squeeze them or cut them into chunks in the pan or can
  3. Add the stock, salt, pepper, and oregano then bring to a simmer
  4. Partially cover and simmer for 35-40 minutes
  5. Partially cream the soup by using an immersion blender, or standard blender
  6. Adjust with stock if needed, it should be like thin pancake batter
  7. Break up the feta with your fingers and add to the soup
  8. Taste for balance, if needed add more oregano; there should be an herbaceous flavor note
  9. Serve with additional feta for garnish
Mmmmm, Creamy, Creamy Sheep Feta and Fresh Oregano
Topped with a Middle Eastern Dusting of Zatar [Za’atar]

Recipe adapted by B. Hettig

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