Smashed Cucumbers

Make Cucumbers Extra Crispy With This Cool Technique

Get out the skillet and get ready to do some smacking! Turn chunks of cucumber into a whole different veggie.

The best cucumber for this is an English or hydroponic type. The thin skin is perfect, but if you only have a salad variety, lightly peel. I prefer to use a serrated peeler which takes off a micro-thin amount of skin.

INSTRUCTIONS: How cukes become so crunchy? You create hundreds of rough surfaces that hasten the loss of liquid when smacked then salted. 

  1. Cut the cukes into about 4-5 inch long pieces.
Lightly smashed
  • Arrange them in a single layer in a plastic bag and then gently, but firmly whack each with a heavy pan until just broken through. You might need to rotate the cukes 90 degrees and repeat so you create ragged edged pieces. Don’t smash so hard they are crushed flat.
  • Remove and tear them into 1-inch chunks and place in a colander.IMG_0954
  • Toss with a teaspoon of fine salt and allow to drain for 30 minutes. Taste for seasoning and adjust or lightly rinse if too salty.
  • Your cukes are now crispy-crunchy and ready for a salad by themselves or as a salad condiment.
  • My favorite dressing [see main photo] is Helm’s Asian dressing and topped with sesame seeds.

    With Marinated Mushrooms served with Pho

    One thought on “Smashed Cucumbers

    1. Just made this again with Asian dressing and tossed in some marinated mushrooms and topped with toasted sesame seeds. This could be on any Asian menu and it would MOVE!


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