Pickled Horseradish

Grate & Ferment For a Long Lasting Sauce

America is aglow in spicy sauces—horseradish offers that reliable tongue punch and tearing as expression of our love to shake up the bite. Unlike chilies and hot sauces, horseradish is done after just a few seconds.

I was fortunate to have wild horseradish growing on my farmette in Northern New York. I ground the root on our picnic table, quickly learning to stay up wind all the while.

Store bought bottled horseradish does not keep its punch for long. Upon fermenting in brine though, I found it remains white and with almost full zing for many moons. It is one of the easiest ferments you can make.

Left: Find organic root at Whole Foods Right: Use a fine grating disc is necessary

INSTRUCTIONS: Look for moist, stiff roots, skip if leathery and withered

  1. To make one pint, peel one large root
  2. Plunge it down the throat of a food processor using a fine grating disc
  3. Make a standard brine of 1 TBS sea salt to 2 cups filtered water
  4. Load a lacto-fermenting kit of choice [I developed this recipe using the Perfect Pickler] and seal per instructions
  5. Ferment for 4 days
  6. Add 2 TBS of white wine vinegar and refrigerate

2022 Recipe by B. Hettig

Me and My Horseradish [Look Ma, No Tears!]

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