Fruit & Port Wine Dessert

Three-Ingredient Wonder

Port wine is a sweet-dry blend noted as a dessert wine, which can be sipped or in this recipe, drizzled over cut fruit. Port is a fortified wine which means it is stable for long term storage, perfect for a casual gathering of fruit, port, and pepper. The price can range, but I found and use a reasonably priced bottle from Trader Joe’s.

Every year I serve fresh fig halves, drizzled with port and some cracked pepper. There is a special triangulation of flavors that let you know all is right.

Above: Figs From My Yard — Port wine from Trader Joe’s

This recipe could not be simpler: Consider: melon, figs, pears, stone fruit, grapes, berries

  • fruit – cut as you like, chilled
  • port wine – to drizzle
  • fresh cracked pepper
  • pinch of salt [flaky salt will add a crunch]

My brothers come over for our monthly shared meal, and they were bowled over on how balanced this dessert is with any hot multi-course meal.

2022 Recipe by B. Hettig

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